How To Make Your Elopement Unique From A Destination Elopement Photographer

It’s so beautiful to elope because it’s not like any other wedding! Elopements are about breaking the traditional wedding mold, and making the experience unique for you and your partner! Here are some tips for making your elopement unique and special from the perspective of a destination elopement photographer!

Choose A Special Or Unique Location

Eloping doesn’t mean you have to go the traditional route of a wedding venue or chappel. You could elope at the place you and your partner first met, a national park, in the middle of the desert, on a mountaintop, or even at a dreamy beach if that’s something you and your partner enjoy doing together! The location can set the tone for your special day, so choosing a unique location can make it unforgettable.

Couple posing for elopement photos taken by Nicole Adrianna Elopement Photographer

Make It YOU!

Add unique and personal touches to your ceremony. This could be special vows, songs that have meaning between you and your partner, or special traditions! This could be something as simple as a special song or poem, or even something like incorporating a family tradition! 

Dress However You Want!

Eloping is all about making your special day something you’ll remember forever! You can wear something completely opposite of a traditional wedding gown or suit! Think of wearing something that represents you as a couple and that you feel comfortable in over anything else because this day is about you two!

Couple wearing unique elopement outfits for motorcycle style elopement

Make It Memorable!

No matter what kind of outdoor activities you enjoy, whether it’s hiking, seeing a stunning waterfall, riding a motorcycle into the sunset, or even taking a short walk downtown in a city, these types of adventures can enhance your day and make it even more memorable for many years to come. Besides that, if you chose an adventurous location you’ll also get to experience some epic views too!

Hire An Elopement Photographer!

Having a professional there to capture your elopement will ensure that all of the memorable and beautiful moments of your special day will be documented! As a result, you’ll be able to look back and remember every detail forever! Your elopement should be about you and your future spouse, and what you want for your special day! Do you both have a favorite hobby? Have something unique you want to incorporate into your photos? Let your photographer know because they want your day to be just as special as you do!

It’s important to take the time to think about what would make your elopement special, unique and memorable. Whatever it is, whether the location, the details of the ceremony, what you will wear or even a combination of all of them! It’s about making it personal to you and your partner, and making the experience one you’ll be happy with and remember for the rest of your life! 

Let this elopement photographer help you plan your special day!

As a destination elopement photographer, I’m ready to capture your adventurous elopement next and travel wherever your love story wants to take me! If you want to learn more about me, you can do so here! If you think we’d make a great team, let’s get in touch because I can’t wait to learn more about you, your partner, and how you want to make your elopement unique and unforgettable! 

Couple posing for elopement photoshoot

Nicole Adrianna Photography | Destination Elopement Photographer

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Couple posing with motorcycle for photos in the Utah desert
Couple posing for photos in the Utah desert

Woman posing for photos in the Utah desert

Photoshoot Location: Zion, Utah | Dress: @renteddress & @clairelafaye