Megan + Alex’s Intimate NY Elopement to Their Unique & Romantic Wedding In PA

Couples intimate elopement in New York

As a photographer, you never forget your first couple. For me, that was Megan and Alex! Before their big wedding in PA, I remember receiving a message from her and she told me how she and Alex planned to elope and get married in front of a fire department in Rhinebeck, NY! I connected with her right away. It’s important to truly love the type of pictures you are taking, and I was always passionate about elopements. We then chatted a bit about what to expect, and that was all until the elopement day.

Elopement day finally arrived. Megan told me she did her flower bouquet herself that same morning! How amazing is that?! After the photos and their small and intimate ceremony, I remember going to a little coffee shop to do the photos’ backup, as I do after every single session if I’m a long distance from home. I had this feeling of fullness knowing that I’m on the right path and doing what I love.

Megan & Alex’s Big Wedding In PA at The Mütter Museum

Couple during their wedding in PA

Years later, after upgrading, more than once, my equipment (camera, lenses, computer), it was time for the big wedding! They pushed back their wedding due to the pandemic, but the final date was set for October 23rd, 2022 at The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, PA. I was so excited for them to finally be able to have their big day!

Alex and Megan’s wedding in PA had so many unique aspects to it and was all around so beautiful. Megan actually gifted Alex a pin with three photos on it. Alex and Megan were both sad that their furbabies couldn’t be with them at their ceremony, so she made a pin with three photos dangling from it. A picture of their bunny BINX who passed away earlier that July, their bunny Thor, and Loki their kitty! 

They also served an all Vegan meal and sweet’s table at their wedding, which I thought was so cool. Megan is actually a chef and owns her own bakery in Syracuse, NY called Fatcat Baking, which is so neat! They had these special drinks after their ceremony that they named “eye” love you. It was a red sangria that had lychee stuffed with blueberry to make it look like an “eyeball”!

And last but not least, Megan and Alex surprised their wedding guests by hiring “Elvis” as their officiant! Megan’s mom is obsessed with Elvis, and her parents had also eloped, so she felt it was fitting! 

Sweet words from Megan & Alex after their wedding in PA:

“I love how in the moment your photography is. It’s natural. As always you have the posed photos, but the fact that you are so comfortable doing what you do makes us comfortable in front of the camera. Your photographic style is timeless, and its your own. You don’t change your style to follow the next trend and that makes you stand out. and to add the fact that you are prepared for everything and anything, you deal with the guest beautifully and you have a vision.”

Unique wedding detail photography

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Couple in store in wedding attire

Nicole Adrianna Photography | Adventurous Intimate Wedding Photographer

Check out a few more snippets from this unique wedding in PA below!!

Wedding Vendors who made this day extra special!

Venue: The Mütter Museum | Coordinator: Michael D. Mitloff | Officiant: John Monforto | Dress: Custom-made by Anomalie | Suit: Al Weiss | Hair: Jaclyn Grosso | Makeup: Alessandra Franco from Aleksandra Ambrozy Makeup and Hair Artistry | Florist: Carolyn from Catering by Design | Engagement Ring: Custom made from Heidi Gibson | Cake and Dessert: Vegan Treats |  Chef & Catering: Chef Roth Perelman and the team behind Catering By Design | DJ/Band: American Deluxe Band |