Adventure Elopements: A Glimpse Behind The Scenes

Adventure elopements can give you endless possibilities of what your special day could look like! Traditional weddings are becoming less and less popular and elopements are being more and more popular, simply put – they are on the rise! Elopements, specifically adventure-filled ones, can be so fun, unique, and intentional to your love story. And can be exactly the way YOU want it without worries of anyone else! Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I am breaking down what an adventure elopement can look like with me, an adventure elopement photographer, by your side! Keep reading for all the details!

Nicole Adrianna | Adventure Elopement Photographer

But First, What Are Adventure Elopements?

An adventure elopement is when a couple decides to ditch the traditional wedding day and say “I do” in the insane and beautiful destinations that you could only dream of! All while being able to adventure and do what sets your soul on fire! Sounds pretty epic right?! IT CAN BE YOURS TOO!

Adventure Elopements With An Adventure Elopement Photographer

Many people have misconceptions that elopements are usually quick and there’s nothing more than a ceremony, but that couldn’t be more wrong! Eloping doesn’t have to just be a quick ceremony with little photos with your loved one and then be done! It can be SO much more than that. A great example of expanding your elopement day is that you can have a fully day allllll about your love. You can have an adventure. Like climbing through the mountains of a National Park or a picnic on cliffs or oceanside.

You can make incredible moments and memories with each other and do something crazy or epic by doing something that you love to do together!

Elopement Photographer And Elopement Officiant: A Two-In-One Experience

A huge benefit of working with me and having me be your elopement photographer is that I am an officiant!! This means – I can marry you!! So, if you want your wedding day to be just about the two of you and have absolutely no one else except for me, you, and your partner then you are in the right place! Because with me by your side you get to do that! If you are eloping alone, I can legally seal your ceremony to keep things as intimate as possible!

Let’s Create Your Epic Adventure Elopement Day!

Ready to have me as your elopement photographer and elopement officiant for your intimate and adventure-filled wedding experience? Fill out my contact form and we can start planning away! Can’t wait to hear from you soon!