Tips For Your New York Winter Engagement or Elopement

New York in the winter can look right out of a Hallmark movie! The colder months are a great opportunity for you to have your New York winter engagement photos or elopement session! The snowy backdrops, whether you are in the city or in nature, add such a stunning touch and really make your couples pictures pop! If you and your partner are snow bunnies, lets jump in and I can give you my all time advice when planning a New York winter engagement or elopement!

bride and groom kissing in the snow | Tips For Your New York Winter Engagement or Elopement

How To Stay Warm During Your New York Winter Engagement Session

Christmas time is the happiest time of year for some people, so why not make it even more special and add an engagement to the mix! You can have a unique New York winter engagement photoshoot that looks right out of a Christmas winter wonderland. Winter engagement sessions can be magical, so let’s talk about some tips and tricks to planning the best New York winter engagement!

One thing about New York winters, ITS COLD! So yes, these winter wonderland photos can be beautiful, but is it worth the hypothermia?! One way to combat this while also having intimate photos is to cuddle up next to each other for cozy engagement poses. Another way to keep warm is by doing your favorite activity together! If you both love to ice skate, put on a pair and work up a sweat while I capture your love and joy! Engagement photos can be nerve wracking if you don’t know how to pose, so have fun with it and have a snowball fight! Your love and laughter will shine bright in your winter engagement session!

Now, since we know New York winters are very unpredictable at times, I am extremely flexible when it comes to the dates we plan your New York winter engagement session! We can keep an eye on the weather and if I am available and a storm is coming, we can safely head outside to shoot your snowy pictures!

How To Have a Safe and Comfortable Winter Elopement

If winter is a special time for you, then you should consider having a winter elopement! The snowy backdrop can add such a magical and whimsical touch to your elopement pictures. Here are some ways to combat the cold and make sure you are comfortable and safe during your winter elopement.

No one wants to be late to their own elopement! And the winter in New York is so unpredictable. So my first tip is to keep an eye on the weather! Make sure to plan for extra time on your commute to your elopement spot. Another thing you want to consider are your dates. If you are not attached to your wedding date, you should consider being flexible just in case a dangerous storm comes! If the weather holds off and you are able to make it to your snowy elopement, make sure you pack the right gear to stay warm! From big jackets, hats, gloves and scarves. Go on a shopping spree and pick out whatever matches for your special day!

Because I know how harsh New York winters can be, I want to assure you that if I am your elopement or engagement photographer, you will be well taken care of! We can take breaks whenever you want if you get too cold. I also provide hand warmers that you can sneak inside of your gloves. This day is supposed to be special and memorable, so let’s make it as comfortable as possible!


If you are ready to make memories, whether its with your engagement or elopement, then let’s do it! Lock in a spot for your winter engagement or elopement session by heading to my contact form. I can’t wait to be apart of your special day!


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