Inspiration For Your Authentic & Steamy Intimate Couples Photos

My number one goal for all of my couples is to feel comfortable, safe and help them be in the moment. When we are able to help you get to this state we are truly able to capture the most intimate moments together. This creates unique intimate couples photos that you will be able to cherish and remember your love for a lifetime. Creating the emotional and authentic photos that make you feel something is my dream.

Tips On Creating Intimate Couples Photos For You & Your Partner

If you are feeling unsure about how to make sure your intimate couples photos are as genuine as possible I have a few tips for you and what I would guide you and your partner to do during your session with me.

First, I always want to make sure that my couples are feeling as comfortable as possible. We do this by making sure you don’t even realize that I am there. This will help you start to feel connected and present with just your partner. Think, there won’t be any fancy clothes, mountains, it’s just you, your partner and me. To get present I always ask my couples to close their eyes just feel each other. This will help you feel relaxed and fully focus on your lover.

Then, what I like to start incorporating is having them remove pieces of their clothing. But, only ones that makes them feel the most confident. This will allow you to have as much skin to skin contact as possible. For some, it make feel awkward at first but you will soon relax once you realize that it really just is you and your partner enjoying each others company.

Next, I love to give prompts. I ask my couples to tell each other things they love about one another. I also like to put them into poses that feel natural and genuine. This will help them feel cozy and act as they normally would if I was not around. HERE is an amazing article that goes into more depth about some prompts that I love using with my couples.

Ready to create your authentic & steamy couples photos?

If you are ready to have your intimate couples photos taken next with me by your side then fill out my contact form and let’s start planning this day together. I would love to be a part of this special day where you and your partner can bond like no other.

Nicole Adrianna | Destination Couples & Wedding Photographer

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